Jonathan Talit

Jonathan Talit grew up in Lakeland, FL. He went to the International Baccalaureate High School in Bartow, FL, where he took art classes and participated in arts-related community service. After graduating high school, he moved to Boston to attend Boston University. After taking classes in many fields, he decided on a BFA in Sculpture and graduated Cum Laude. Since college, he has participated in several group exhibitions as well as having a solo show at the Hillsborough Community College, Dale Mabry. He has been awarded residences at the Vermont Studio Center as well as the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and has participated in workshops at Anderson Ranch.


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Last Piece!

Last Piece!

New piece is close to done! I’m really happy with how it turned out. It took SO much work to get that little tail made and to make sure that the sculpture stands without being wobbly. Plus, I’m really happy with how the pimples/barnacles turned out. I think I’ll leave it white, though. In some way, that’s stranger than making it my flesh color.


Really…really not sure

Really…really not sure


I painted some of the “risky” colors onto the new worm piece, and I remember why risks are uncomfortable haha. I’m just not sure at all if this is working well. Is the “symbol” too much? Not natural enough? What about that weird, warm brown color? It’s not the same color wet as it is dry. Whatever. I’m just going to go for it. I still believe it could turn out well, but worst case scenario, I make a sculpture bad because of the color, and maybe I just gesso it again and leave it for another day. Ultimately not a big deal, but when I’m working in my studio and trying something risky, my perspective can get a little narrow and I want to panic and go back to what I’m used to. At the same time, I’m so tired of what I’m used to.




Second Layers

Second Layers


Second few layers looking pretty good! Especially on the worm. I’m not sure about for the “coconuts” though. When I place them near the palm tree stumps, they contrast is way too high. The coconuts are much lighter and softer than the tree stumps. I’ll probably have to add a layer of brown to dampen their brightness. We’ll see.

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