Jennifer Kosharek

Jennifer Kosharek is an artist, muralist, curator, and gallerist who has had a substantial impact on the St. Petersburg art scene. Kosharek’s art mixes illustrative pop surrealism with folk aesthetics, frequently evoking the magical worlds of children. Though rooted in painting, she has translated her iconic, pink-cheeked figures into cloth and paper dolls.

Kosharek’s work has been shown both across the U.S. and in Mexico, and she ran her own widely-praised gallery, eve N odd, on St. Petersburg’s 600 Block. Her mural in tribute to Frida Kahlo was one of the early entries in St. Pete’s now-blossoming mural scene.

Kosharek is also an artist very centered on community and interactivity. She was recently the recipient of a grant from the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, for work in the arts with veterans. She is a regular contributor to Free Art Friday, which distributes free art to the community once a month in St. Pete and she has been involved in mail art, a movement influenced by Dada and Fluxus, for more than 25 years.


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