The road to the Emerging Artist exhibition, part1!

Hello again, Javier here resuming our conversation on how these wall copper art pieces are created.

All starts with an idea of where in the final product you can create a focal point.  Usually I like to preserve some of the very bright raw copper as a focal point.  To achieve this I tightly fold areas to try to prevent the fumes from the chemistry to reach that area.  Those areas exposed to the fumes of the chemistry will change the coloration of the copper as the copper produces various levels of patina.  After the exposure in an air tight tank, it is time to stretch, pound to clear any loose flakes, clean and polish.  The initial phases of fixing the patina starts and several layers of different waxes are applied.  While all that process is setting, the support is constructed and treated.  Edges are often applied in copper.  The copper roll is aligned, positioned and attached to the support.  Edges trimed.  Final waxing and polishing. Final product, a “Tower”!



The art of chemistry: Javiers trade

Hi Art Friends:

Javier here.  I just would like to introduce you to my real trade.  My medium.  It is not ceramics, it is not paint, it is not sculpture.  Yes, it is really chemistry.  Chemistry and metals.  Usually on copper.  Most times just producing and fixing a patina.  Some other times the piece calls for mica micro-crystals, enamels or natural element pigments.  Even powdered metals and lava are a fair game.  It is truly a collaboration with Nature.  My studio looks like a laboratory more than a fine craft studio.  Jars and metal pieces, binders, reactive solutions, stabilizers and fixing agents.  And at home, saws, clamps, support and framing materials. The process for me is both nature spontaneity and technical. Just take a pic of ArtLofts Studio 209.


Studio work day!

Creative time at my studio. Letting art juices flow and experimenting with new chemistry and materials. I was surprised to elicit new strong colors and textures. Also some balancing neutral colors.  The secret is developing a safe “recipe” and control the reaction. However I always feel I am collaborating with mother nature and get mesmerized by the process.


Hola From Javer T Dones

Hola from Javier T Dones:

Hola / Hello:

Mixed Media
Powdered Metals and Enamels

My name is Javier.  I work with copper, metals and chemistry processes.  I just came back from visiting my daughter who lives in New Zealand.  I was looking for inspiration in nature and by all means I got all I could master to assimilate.

Now to work.  I will be sharing with you samples of my most recent work as well as work in progress, techniques, events, etc.  Even when my work is not figurative, it carries emotional and structural components that I would like to share as they relate to the pieces. You can even have a pareidolia moment and discover images that my collaboration with nature may want to share just with you!

Come and join this journey with me.

Javier T. Dones

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