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Humor: Humor also comes into play through many of the shapes. The simplicity of line drawing with animated child-like qualities reference a sense of nostalgia for the past. Imagery inspired by childhood memories often looks simulated as if from a child’s perspective, simple and innocent. Embedded in the larger compositions, [...]


A somewhat fanciful, but true, biography of me – Akiko Kotani

A somewhat fanciful, but true, biography of me – Akiko Kotani  At the break of dawn with the ascent of Scorpio, I was born in Waipahu, Hawaii.  According to the Chinese calendar, being born in the year of 1940 makes me a Dragon. As the only mythical creature in their cycle of birth, I imagine my spirit comes from a sense [...]


Meet Akiko Kotani

Meet Akiko Kotani The work of fiber artist Akiko Kotani manifests a remarkable distillation of diverse influences and sources of inspiration; filtered through her own finely tuned sensibility about the medium in which she works. She has aligned the structural imperatives of weaving and needlework--fiber crossing fiber, stitch following stitch--with [...]

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