Steel Assemblage Sculptures
by Don Gialanella
in the Florida Botanical Gardens

Don Gialanella is a sculptor who used reclaimed objects as the building materials for his works. Clusters of toys, tools, utensils, electronic game components, computer hardware and a myriad of mass produced plastic objects are given new life as figurative sculptures. His work makes a statement on our consumer culture that results in conspicuous over-consumption, planned obsolescence, hoarding and the production of massive amounts of garbage. Three of his steel assemblage pieces will be on display creating a stark contrast against the natural surroundings of the botanical gardens. Gialanella’s work is exhibited in public spaces, museums, galleries and private collections worldwide.

Opening Night – March 5th 6-9pm
On display beginning March 6th
The Florida Botanical GardensĀ  – open daily 7am – 5pm.

Horse by Don Gialanella

Don Gialanella

Plenum Orb by Don Gialanella

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