The Nuances of Natalie Symons 

Her new play premiere was delayed due to Covid, so she wrote a novel instead. Covid made its debut as a pandemic just days before the world premiere of Natalie… Read More

A Time of Wintering, Even in Florida

With news of ice storms, power losses and frigid temperatures across most of the United States, Floridians may be thinking that severe winter conditions don’t apply to them. But make… Read More

Living Color: The Art of the Highway Men

They (the Florida Highwaymen) Al Black, Harold Newton, Willie Daniels, Alfred Hair, Livingston Roberts, and James Gibson, among others and one woman, Mary Ann Carol They began this painting effort in… Read More

A Long-Distance Love Story Through Lenses

While attending St. Pete College to improve his English, Mauricio Santos noticed the college also offered photography classes. Mauricio had always wanted to learn more about photography and develop his… Read More

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