Yhali Ilan

Yhali Ilan is a Dunedin-based artist that specializes in a variety of visual mediums ranging from digital media to large-scale murals. His visual language is mostly light and illustrative, and… Read More

Stephen Oliver

Stephen Oliver holds a BFA in Architecture from NJIT and an MFA from RISD. He began his career in architecture, building, and construction management and brought those skills into the art world and civic… Read More

Bianca Russell

Bianca “Just Bee” Russell is an instructor, Artist, and entertainer based in southwest Florida. She has studied traditional West African dance as a child at Colours School of the Arts…. Read More

Angel Marie Tisdale

Angel Tisdale was born in Hopewell, VA in 1966. From her earliest years, Angel’s parents facilitated her incessant musicality, rhythm, and tumbling about through dance and gymnastics lessons, leading to… Read More

Using Writing to Figure it Out

Start in the Mess Using Writing to Figure it Out I was once confronted by a colleague whose son was in my English class. She came in waving his graded… Read More

Do You Have A Creative Practice?

I believe that everyone is creative but not everyone is an artist. As an arts in health professional, I think it’s super important for everyone to find their creative outlet… Read More


12 Hearts and Minds Working Together – a Collaboration and Installation Did I tell you about a collaboration and installation I did two summers ago with 11 complete strangers at… Read More

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