On set at the St. Pete Pier

On set, dance film

This week I went into filming for my short dance film, the project for which my Creative Pinellas Grant is funding. It is a solo work that I am dancing… Read More

Art Judge

In Winter Haven there is a small but lucrative gallery called Ridge Art Association. To the wider art establishments in the state of Florida it is an insignificant place, yet… Read More

My Toolbox.

There are so many approaches to acting- to building the character. Some from the inside out (what is often referred to as “method acting”) or from the outside in (which… Read More

Call me Carmen!

Another WONDERFUL opportunity in the books!    I was recently hired to participate in a corporate training series for JW Marriot! E-Training projects, like this one, are a great way… Read More

July In My Studio

Recovering from my trip from Jamaica after hours of delay, gate changes and crowded planes, I arrived back in St. Petersburg. I returned just in time for the deadline to… Read More


Watch an author’s (humiliating, ridiculous, naively absurd, and unexpectedly comical) attempt at recording her first audiobook! Bands of a Small Hurricane is my new literary fiction release, and you can… Read More

Dance Performance Training

Sarah Emery

I wanted to take a moment and give recognition to the organization, Dance Performance Training, based in Tampa, FL. Discovering them recently, they are a husband and wife team –… Read More

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