Finding a Studio

I always wanted a studio. I mean who wouldn’t. A place to spread out, leave work setup. A place of Solitude, where you can really explore your craft and dive into the process of working. An artist’s true habitat, yes that sounds nice. So recently I’ve explored the ideas of finding a studio.
Searching for something like anybody else in 2018 course I went to the internet. Unfortunately to my dismay there’s not many artist Studios that you’ll find on the internet that you can rent. Okay let me rephrase that there’s not many affordable Studios that you can rent as an artist. Most things that I found were really artist Apartments around the minimum of $700 raging up till like $1200. For me personally that was a little bit out of my range, and there were a few that were true artist Studios but they all have a waiting list, at least the ones in my price range that I can spend. Which led me to the next logical option maybe I can share one. This is often easier said than done because you also have to depend on somebody else to pay the rent along with yourself and find something within your price range that both of you can afford. Which only let me back to the first problem I had which was finding a place.
One night I was talking with my wife about how I need a studio. We happen to live behind my mother-in-law’s house in a small apartment above a garage. My wife jokingly mention the garage as an option. To which I all of a sudden thought that was a good idea I would be at home with space to work. Now you have to understand that the garage is full of various items, organizing the fashion of the marble drop game, you know the one with the sticks holding up the marbles and you have to slowly remove them and hope the marbles don’t fall down or the after math of a Jenga game gone wrong .So I thought to myself this is a great idea I can do something nice for my mother-in-law and I’ll have a place to work. After dancing about for a few weeks I finally asking my mother-in-law she said it was fine. So now I have a studio….with no space to work.
Which brings me to where I’m at after cleaning out the studio for about a week. At this point I’ve got about one more day of work and I’ll be able to start working.  It’s actually been nice reflection. I mean the fact is that being an artist number one is not easy it takes time and effort with a purpose. It’s been a lot like that with cleaning out the studio not really knowing where to start I’m just picking a place and working, and figuring out a direction to go and readjusting and responding as I go to get to your goal. Realization that every Journey takes time you should probably enjoy it while you’re on it, and I guess most importantly sometime the Answer is right in front of you.