Donald Gialanella

Donald Gialanella is a sculptor who focuses on turning metal and found materials into large-scale shapes, figures, and symbols. His body of work includes elegant steel horses, towering, abstract totems, and wry orbs made up of discarded consumer objects, and can be found both in public sculpture gardens from California to New York, and in the private collections of the likes of Angelina Jolie and Howard Stern.

Gialanella has an impressive pedigree, having studied with the likes of Vito Acconci and Jim Dine, and worked as an artist’s assistant to Louise Bourgeois, whose iconic steel Spider sculptures resonate with Gialanella’s own work. Also like his mentors, Gialanella’s work often has subtle conceptual elements, such as the critique of consumerism implicit to his found-object sculptures.

Gialanella’s studio was first located in Cooperstown, New York, before he moved first to Taos, NM, then to Los Angeles, and finally to St. Petersburg.


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The Black Bear

The Black Bear

Concept rendering.


For a new project I am proposing to create a life-size black bear using an
eclectic assortment of stainless steel objects permanently welded together to form a remarkable
and unforgettable sculpture. He stands on all fours looking ahead curiously but cautiously
welcoming visitors with his wild and winsome personality.

The Black Bear will be created from familiar stainless steel items assembled in an extraordinary
way. His textured metallic coat is made up of hundreds of forks, mixing bowls, pitchers, tea
pots, hub caps, pots and pans, water bottles, dog bowls, coffee urns and vessels of every
description welded together into one contiguous form. It’s as if some cosmic magnet has pulled
this collection of objects together to form a remarkably life-like bear at home in Smoky Mountain
National Park.


Stainless Assemblage Orbs

Stainless Assemblage Orbs

The Plenum Orbs are the culmination of a series of assemblage pieces I had been working on for
several years. As I grew more ambitious, I wanted to increase the scale and see if I could
construct a perfect sphere out of a palette of dissimilarly shaped objects. The Plenum Orb was
the result.

For me, seeing the orb rekindles memories locked up in abandoned objects that together
contain a mix of surprise, irony and humor.

It is made up of common pots, pans, pet bowls, hub caps, coffee creamers and vessels of every
description welded together into one contiguous form.

Seen as a mass of shapes formed into a single sculptural entity, the orb acts as a time capsule
that explores temporality, disposability, and questions the viability of a disposable culture.

The following orb sculpture images were taken by me and various other photographers.


Napa, CA.


Decatur, GA.


Broomfield, CO.


Lakeland, FL.


In the studio, Reseda, CA.


Napa, CA.


Eugene, OR.


Topanga, CA.


Pasadena, CA.


Napa, CA.


Los Angeles, CA.


Reprocessing Orb #abstract #art #sculpture #napa_valley This is another outdoor sculpture in Napa, Ca. It was created by Donald Gialanella. He chose Reprocessing Orb as the tittle of his sculpture. It was made from repurposed stainless steel household items such as pots and pans along with hubcaps. He welded them together to form a perfect sphere, which turned out to be 48 inches in diameter. It perches precariously on the corner of Third and Main streets in Napa, Ca. Photo by Bill Elder.


On exhibit at The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA.






Tampa Bay Times Video


Tampa Bay Times Video


Chris Urso, a photographer from the Tampa Bay Times has been shooting video at my studio over the past several months. He’s been documenting the progress of the stainless steel head and even went so far as to install a time lapse camera which clicked away for a whole month shooting the goings-on in the main part of the studio. Click, every 2 minutes, day and night.

Click here to see the finished video.

CHRIS URSO | Times Sculptor Donald Gialanella welds in his studio. Gialanella creates large objects using repurposed metal items. In June of 2016 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease but plans to work as long as the disease will allow him.

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