New Work

Hello and Welcome Back! Below is my new piece: ‘Untitled (oh sh*t handle stuck between two saws of equal asses)’ 2019, canvas, dye, ink, acrylic, glitter, 23.75k gold leaf, thread, shredded documents, 24 x 8 x 10 inches


Two shows from 2018

Hello and Welcome Back! I thought this week I would share two really exciting shows I was in last year:

The Florida Biennial, The Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, FL (forthcoming)  •  Juror: Artspace Curator and Gallery Director Sarah Fritchey:

The Gallery, The Armory Show at Pier 92/94, New York, NY


Genius Loci

Hello and Welcome Back! While studying architecture at Virginia Tech I was introduced to the idea of Genius Loci or the spirit of place, a space where meaning is composed of ordered time, a layered space of substances, texture, color and man’s psychic framework.

Plein Air painting has always been a huge part of my studio practice. Below is a plein air painting created at the Oregon Trail Ruts in South East Wyoming while at the Jentel Artists Residency in 2008. It is a place carved out of time. Wagon wheels, animals and people wore down the trail about two to six feet into a sandstone ridge during its heaviest usage by American Pioneers.

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