The COVID Ribbon Memorial opens at Creative Pinellas June 24th. We will host an opening event at 6pm in the courtyard at The Gallery at Creative Pinellas with the public invited as we do a special remembrance of those we have lost. A list of speakers and performances will be announced in the near future.

Creative Pinellas will host the Covid Ribbon Memorial in its courtyard at the Pinewood Cultural Park beginning June 24th. The memorial is a sculptural art installation comprised of a long line of colorful ribbons with each ribbon representing one person who has died in Florida due to COVID-19. The community is invited to visit during park hours 7am to 5pm and add a name to the memorial.

Cathy Tobias, a photographer and visual artist conceptualized the project to honor lives lost in a tangible, visual way and offer people a way to remember and mourn loved ones. She started the project in November of 2020 and enlisted a team of volunteers to help tie ribbons when the number of deaths was 16,000. The memorial now has over 36,000 ribbons and is as long as three football fields.

The memorial first appeared on Anna Maria Island and was also on display at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg. Creative Pinellas will be the third location to host the installation. Creator Cathy Tobias plans to keep the project going and move the memorial to additional locations in the area giving people a physical space to grieve, share their stories and think about the magnitude of this tragedy.

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