Deadline: April 12 at 2 pm

The City of Treasure Island seeks proposals from artists, artist-led teams and art fabricators for the design, fabrication and installation of three roadside “gateway” public art pieces–North, South, and Central.

The chosen locations are along the three roadway access points to the City and vary greatly from site to site. The selected artist, artist-led team, and/or art fabricators will need to work within tight deadlines as described further within the RFP.

The City’s goal is to have three public art installations acting as identifiable and aesthetically appealing “gateways” to the City of Treasure Island. The locations dictate that the final installed art will be enjoyed by pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists and should be identifiably appealing to all.

While there is no explicit theme, style, or motif requested the selected artwork must be in keeping with the City of Treasure Island’s status as a beachfront coastal community and conforming or complimentary to the historic and visual look of the City.

The artwork at each site must also clearly and explicitly indicate arrival to “Treasure Island.” Additionally, though each site is unique, the three art pieces should be conforming in overall style or theme among themselves.

Budget: $150,000

Application instructions are available here.