Carrie Jadus


Pulling from both her love of Impressionism and her education in engineering, St. Petersburg-based painter Carrie Jadus thinks of her works as solved equations. She takes shards of reality and infuses them with a softness that, she hopes, allows the viewers of her work to see the image she has put together while enabling them to add their own responses and reflections to finish the narrative and solve the equation.

Jadus began her artistic study at the Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School. Time at USF earned her a Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering. She returned to the visual arts in 2006.

She has been honored as the Waterfront Centennial Artist for St. Petersburg Preservation in 2010, and the Woman Artist of the Year at Raymond James’s “Women in the Arts, 2011.” In 2015, she won the Muse Award for Visual Arts from the St. Petersburg Art Alliance.


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