Deadline: February 14

The Studio@620 in downtown St. Petersburg is considering art and ideas for our upcoming exhibition KITE, opening April 11.

KITE will be a collection of experiences beginning with the opening event and leading to kite building workshops, a kite-fly in the park, a poetry night and more.

What is a Kite: a light frame covered with some thin material, to be flown in the wind at the end of a long string.

But could it be more than that?

A kite seems to live at the edge of a dream. There is a bit of magic in this connection between sky and earth. That magic is experienced through kiting.

Conceptually, a kite can conjure childhood nostalgia, a feeling of lightness or a moment of Zen for the flyer. What is a kite to you?

We are searching for artists who want to experiment with the notion of a kite, the materiality that is possible or impossible, the emotional response to the experience, what lies at the edge of a dream.

All forms of art and materials will be considered: fabric, paper, ceramic, concrete, steel, glass, photography, performance, painting, drawing, poetry, video, etc.

Each artist may submit up to two pieces for consideration. Several shots of each piece may be submitted to accurately portray your work. If a new idea will be built for the show, we will need a written description and drawing with dimensions.

The following information must be included with each submitted piece:

1. Artist name along with any collaborating artists.
2. Title of piece
3. A short description of piece
4. Dimensions and year made.
5. Suggested Retail Value

Please email submissions to with KITE SUBMISSION in the subject line by February 14.

The show will run for 3- 4 weeks until the closing party on April 25.

You will be notified of your selection by March 1. Selected works are required to arrive in properly packed boxes or crates by April 2. Selected artists are responsible for transport to and from the gallery. Artworks must arrive with a paid return label for shipping. Local submissions will have 10 days from the close of the show to pick up work.

Chosen works may be available for sale or just for show. A 20% commission will be granted to the gallery upon the sale of any available work.