Deadline: October 6

The City of Coral Springs FL will wrap four traffic signal boxes located in the Downtown area of the City with digital versions of artworks. The goal of the program is to reduce blight along our corridors by transforming a utility box into a piece of art. This beautification effort will enhance the experience of all those visiting the corridors and will help to prevent vandalizing of boxes.

Artwork should be colorful but not bright. Artwork should be bold and readable from cars and yet contain some intimacy for pedestrians. Artworks related to environmental aspects of Coral Springs and to the history of Coral Springs are encouraged.

This Call is open to all Florida professional and amateur artists. Experience in vinyl wraps or public art is not necessary. Artists skilled in any digital visual arts medium whether it be 2D, painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, animation, etc. are encouraged to apply.

Payment: $200 for each design per Traffic Box

Details and an online application can be found here.