Deadline: August 1

Public art has long been the province of men, as its creators, its patrons, and, most visibly, its subjects.

However, the recent campaign to remove Confederate monuments and the rise of the #MeToo movement have led to a widespread reconsideration of who is and is not represented in the public landscape. These social movements have begun to tip the balance toward equality of representation by encouraging governments, public art organizations, community members, activists and artists to imagine new ways of ameliorating the gender disparity.

They draw upon a diversity of practices, ranging from street art and public performances to traditional portrait statuary. Public Art Dialogue is creating a special issue on the historical lack of female representation within public art imagery and the under-acknowledged role of women as public art producers — artists, administrators and educators.

We welcome papers across geographical contexts from scholars, public art practitioners, artists and curators, that address innovative and intersectional approaches to rebalancing gender inequalities in the built environment through case studies, historicized investigations and theoretical arguments.

This issue aims to advance the discourses of public art and gender by interrogating the visibility and invisibility of women in public spaces.

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