Deadline: September 7

Created through a partnership between the City of Dade City and the Dade City Garden Club, this art show is to support Dade City’s commitment to the Monarch butterfly.

The Dade City Monarch Project is a community-wide effort to encourage, protect and promote the Monarch butterfly and its habitat. Nearly a billion Monarch butterflies have vanished since 1990. Monarchs rely on milkweed plants and nectar plants for their food and home. These plants are increasingly vanishing all across America. Dade City will directly help the Monarch butterfly population recover through public awareness, education and planting milkweed and nectar plants.

We invite submissions of 2D and 3D Artwork that portrays or represents the Monarch butterfly.

Artists are encouraged to be creative in their representation of the Monarch. This includes everything from Realism to Impressionism, Pop Art to Contemporary. If including foliage, it must be images of butterfly friendly plants.

Details and an online application can be found here.