Deadline: August 10

SaveArtSpace is partnering with Art4Equality and The Untitled Space for an empowering public art series of billboards in New York City launching September 2020, along with an exhibition of the artwork created for the series to be presented at The Untitled Space gallery this fall. All artists are invited to apply.

“With the 2020 elections approaching, we feel it is a crucial time to create an opportunity for artists to respond to our current situation, with the artwork presented in a public platform, where it can reach an audience of millions of people every day and promote an inclusive dialogue.

“The public art series Art4Equality x Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness seeks to empower, enlighten, and shed a ray of hope on a city that has been under a dark cloud, in a country that is in tatters not only by an invisible virus, but also by political and civil unrest.

“The billboard transformed into an art display is an innovative, and ultimately accessible way to present contemporary art, transforming spaces normally dedicated to advertising into public art that has power and impact.”

Details and an online application can be found at