What an amazing third year of the Exquisite Corpse Game, under the tutelage of Ann Marie Cash Levasseur, the 2017 selection of 54 artists included sculpture, painting, photography and poetry at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. This is just a visual fragment of some of the guests and artists involved.  


Artist and master hair stylist Sage Scott.


Billy Summer, MFA Visitor Services Manager and frontman/founder of the band Luxury Mane.


Playwright, curator and Art Consultant at the city of Dunedin, Elizabeth Brincklow with Randi Hilleso, Program Manager at St. Petersburg Arts Alliance.


Scott Joseph Moore‘s awesome Yin-Yang costume with John Collins and Randi Hileso, among others, in the background.


Designer, artist and writer Nancy Niss.


Close up of St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman, while giving his speech.


MFA Director of Retail Operations, Audrie Cuddy Ranon, with MFA Manager of Photographic Collections, Robin O’Dell , on the right, among other creative guests.


Founder of Exquisite Corpse Games Ann Marie Cash Levasseur smiling while author Helen P. Wallace who is about to speak.


Artist Don Gillespie with Cash Levasseur and Wallace in the background.


Artist at Moore Art Expressions Scott Joseph Moore smiling, with Cash Levasseur in the background.


Executive director at St. Petersburg Arts Alliance John Collins doing robot poses with Cash Levasseur.



Multi-talented artist Gabriela Valencia playing violin.


Valencia playing violin in the foreground. On the spotlight local professors and writers Gregory Byrd, Donald Morril and Helen Wallace, being photographed by Kimberly DeFalco. You can also see the official exquisite corpse logo, also Ellerbroek-Pettiford with Cash Levasseur in the back.


Billy Summer with Audrie Cuddy Ranon speaking.


Writer, poet Silvia Curbelo performing, with poet and author Peter Meinke.


Artists Lesli Pringle Burke and Anita Wexler on the left, Ann Lavesseur in the back, and artist Frederick Woods in the foreground. Light by Ellerbroek-Pettiford’s arm.


Artists Claudia Strano (left) with an impressed Rebecca Skelton, in front of a massive creative crowd.


Artists Gillespie, Carrie Smith and Valencia. Their parts fitted together on one of the colorful corpses.


Artist Kathleen Young and Sage Scott.


Artist Elaine Angel Gomer with microphone, with artist Lynette Grimm behind.


Local surrealist master painter Steven Kenny.



DeFalco in her element shooting artists Beate Marston, Doug D’souza, and Pamela Olin.


Artists Marc Levasseur and Gina White, their corpse is behind them.


Artist, photographer Michael Conway. He did the head of the corpse on the right.


Artist, photographer Khalid Hameed, creator of that mid-section featuring Nixon.


Artist, photographer Beth Reynolds. She made the baby legs.



Some excitement from Kendrick by her corpse on the left.


Artists Scott Joseph Moore in the background with sculptor Kyu Yamamoto speaking. It’s an in blue composition.


Artist Jim Kammerud telling us about his Bill Murray head.


Artist Jim Rolston and his chest.


Rebekah Eugenia Lazaridis on the left with Jim Rolston and Jim Kammerud, posing by their exquisite corpse on the right.


Mostly fine artists in the crowd.


Artist Matthew Richard Karl Piepenbrok hugging Cash Lavesseur after his emotive speech.


Artist Tyler Houston walks among the impressive sculptures. He made the robotic legs right by his side. 


Artist, photographer Lissa Hatcher, who did the torso on this exquisite corpse.