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Dancing with a Hurricane | Kenny Jensen

“My favorite place on the Earth is that land, at Gulf Hammock,” artist Kenny Jensen says in an achingly earnest way. I immediately Googled “Gulf Hammock, FL” and dipped into the street view: there is little more than a single intersection home to blinking red lights, an abandoned gas station, a tiny post office and long curtains of trees. Jensen’s cabin, barn and art studio are nearby, surrounded on three sides by Florida swamp. Gulf Hammock seems like the kind of place that is far from anywhere that is not Gulf Hammock.

Dancing with a Hurricane | Kenny Jensen2019-10-27T13:20:50-04:00

Drawing the Line

Two New York Artists, Each Working Urgently in Times of Water Crises Florida has water problems, as does the country and the whole world. Harsh realities have caused some artists to become dissatisfied with merely creating studio art for its own sake and pushed them to shine their creative intentions directly onto real-world threats, such as the way federal and state regulations fall short of protecting water health.

Drawing the Line2019-10-27T13:20:50-04:00

Living in the Zone: Jeff Vandermeer on Weird Fiction, the Environment, and Human Stupidity.

Florida has always had its handful of heavy-hitters in the book world, from Zora Neale Hurston to Carl Hiaasen. In the last few years, a new Floridian star has ascended to similar heights – Tallahassee-based Jeff Vandermeer, whose 2014 Southern Reach trilogy garnered praise from no less a giant than Stephen King, and saw him compared to titans like Kafka and Thoreau.

Living in the Zone: Jeff Vandermeer on Weird Fiction, the Environment, and Human Stupidity.2019-10-27T13:20:50-04:00