Visual Arts


Glass in the Gallery

Arts In Orginal | Various Glass Artists | Online Gallery Experience  –  A group exhibition of glass art curated by artistic director, Mary Childs and the Duncan McClellan Gallery

2020 Emerging Artist Virtual Exhibition

Arts In Orginal | 2020 Emerging Artists

Emerging Artist Virtual Exhibition | Online Gallery Experience  –  An amazing look at the 2020 Virtual Emerging Artist Exhibition


Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

stpeteopera | Amazing quilts! Photos do not do them justice, do not show the intricate work in the piecing and quilting and the vibrant colors. Unique subjects!
Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer



Victoria Block | A “Walkabout” inspired by air currents and water patterns exhibited at Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Slipstream, at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of art Black and white ceramic installation (floor piece) by Victoria Block. Victoria Block – artist painter, ceramicist,  Alain Salesse -camera, montage.

Mickett-Stackhouse Studio Tour

Mickett-Stackhouse Studios

Arts In: Premiere
Studio Tour with 2020 Creative Pinellas Artist Laureate, Mickett-Stackhouse Studio. This tour is featured in We Are Family: Pinellas County Festival for the Arts.

Coffee w/Curator: Maggie Duffy

Hosted by Danny Olda

Arts In: Premiere | Join arts writer Maggie Duffy and curator Danny Olda for a virtual walk and talk through the Emerging Artist Exhibition.

Mermay2020 with Brandy Stark

Brandy Stark| Arts In: Feature
Wire artist, Brandy Stark, took up the mantle to try the Mermay2020 challenge. for each day of May, she was provided a prompt and created a small hand wrapped wire metal sculpture to reflect that theme.


Kevin Nodland | Arts In: Featured
This video contains photos and images of different styles and mediums, past and present of some of Kevin’s Graphic Design, Paintings, Art Shows, Printmaking, Airbrush, Chalk, Pastels, Watercolor, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Pencil, Skateboards, Pen and Ink, Digital Designs, Pottery Finishes, and Murals. Kevin Nodland, NODZ ART, Nodland Designs

Javier T Dones copper art, this is what I do!

Javier T Dones | Feel the Power of the Elements of Nature! Javier T Dones discusses new pieces, his techniques and inspiration.

Abstract Shapes In Black And White

Geoffrey Baris | Some of my abstract photography images. This Video features Black and White Abstract Art Photos by Fine Art Photographer, Geoffrey Baris.

Files & Film 2019 Installation

Xina Scuderi | MIZE Gallery Owner Chad Mize collaborates with Producer of Files & Film Xina Scuderi to hang over 70 artworks. Get a glimpse of the process with the timelapse footage ran over 8 hours in real life.

Studio Tour: Gianna Pergamo

Gianna Pergamo – 2020 Emerging Artist Grantee

Arts In: Premiere | @pergamopapergoods
Take a tour of Studios at 5663 in Pinellas Park and the studio of Creative Pinellas Grantee Gianna Pergamo.

Studio Tour: Patricia Kluwe Derderian

Patricia Kluwe Derderian – 2020 Emerging Artist

Arts In: Premiere |
Take a tour of artist Patricia Kluwe Derderian’s home studio.

Studio Tour: Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell – 2020 Emerging Artist Grantee

Arts In: Premiere | @mmstudioart
Take a tour of Mark Mitchells studio while learning more about his work and process.

Studio Tour: Angela Warren

Angela Warren – 2020 Emerging Artist Grantee

Arts In: Premiere | @angelawarrenart
Take a tour of Creative Pinellas Grantee Angela Warren’s studio. See some work in progress, learn more about her process and thoughts behind her work. 

Studio Tour: Lynn Foskett

Lynn Foskett – 2020 Emerging Artist Grantee

Arts In: Premiere | @lynnfoskettartist
Take a tour of artist Lynn Foskett’s studio and learn more about her process and artwork.


Alain Salesse

 C.R.E.E | This evolution is contained in this box, offering both a solid exterior and a fragile interior. For the spectator, the only way to know what is contained in each form is to approach, to look inside to see what is happening. You become an archeologist from the present with a history that each piece awakens in you. – Alain Salesse

Dunedin Fine Art Center: Brooke Allison | Interview with Brooke Allison, ASP-MP, the Judge for the International Association of Pastel Society’s 36th Juried Exhibition. Brooke talks about the incredible quality of the artworks on display at the Dunedin Fine Art Center, that made it so challenging to select the winners.

Alive at Night: Dinosaurs Tour After Dark

Dunedin Fine Art Center | A small car full of dinosaurs take advantage of a quiet night at DFAC, to tour the DLM Children’s ART Museum, the PCS “Taking Shape” exhibit, DFAC’s annual, Student, Member, Faculty” exhibits, International Association of Pastel Societies: 36th JURIED EXHIBITION, and “You Can FEEL What We SEE,” Inspiring works by visually-impaired Pinellas County School students

Studio Tour: Zoe Papas

Zoe Papas – 2020 Emerging Artist Grantee

Arts In: Premiere | @zoepapasart
Take a studio tour with Creative Pinellas grantee Zoe Papas and learn more about her work, her favorite materials and her process. 

Studio Tour: Judy Vienneau

Judy Vienneau – 2020 Emerging Artist

Arts In: Premiere |@jvienneauart
Take a tour of artist Judy Vienneau’s studio and learn more about her process and works in progress. 

Conversation: 2020 Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists

Arts In: Premiere | EmergingArtists
The artists share their art journeys, how they tap into and hone their creativity and trends in art, artistic expression, and innovation. The conversation took place in conjunction with World Creativity and Innovation Week, a global celebration that raises awareness around the importance of creativity and innovation in problem-solving and encouraging creative multidisciplinary thinking at the individual and group levels.

Studio Tour: Steph Hargrove

Steph Hargrove – 2020 Emerging Artist Grantee

Arts In: Premiere | @art4theppl
Take a tour of artist Steph Hargrove’s studio and learn more about her process and artwork.

Relative Motion: focused observations

Neverne Covington

Arts In: Premiere |
Solo Art Exhibiti Relative Motion: focused observations by Neverne Covington.

The Creation of Life Lines

Nathan Beard

@nathanbeardfineart | Life Lines debuted at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, February-May 2019. Watch how it was created and learn more about the concepts behind it. – Nathan Beard

Studio Tour: Kodi Thompson

Kodi Thompson – 2020 Emerging Artist Grantee

Premiere | @kodithompson_ceramics
Studio Tour with Kodi Thompson, 2020 Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Grantee. Take a tour of artist Kodi Thompson’s studio, learn more about his fascinating clay process and see where he works. Kodi Thompson

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