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Beauty & the Burg: Tampa Bay Noir

Cindy Stovall

Arts In: Premiere | Discover the dark side of the sunshine state! Join us for this month’s Beauty & the ‘Burg for a discussion and readings from the newly released “Tampa Bay Noir”- a collection of stories by some of our favorite local authors. Featuring Sarah Gerard, Yuly Restrepo, and NYT best selling author, Lisa Unger.


Typewriter Talks: ep 19

Maureen McDole

keepstpetelit | Episode 19: Roy Peter Clark – Typewriter Talks with Keep St. Pete Lit is a weekly online series where we interview and showcase literary works by Tampa Bay writers.

True Stories Lab: Bob Devin Jones

Lisa Kirchner

truestories | Studio 620 founder Bob Devin Jones–actor, teacher, and playwright–now adds another accomplishment. Covid-19 survivor. Hear his delirium tale of 9 days in the ICU. Lisa L. Kirchner, host Bob Devin Jones, storyteller.

People Over Property Pt. 2

The Studio@620

TheStudio@620  | Enjoy a series of poems and songs by local St. Pete talent, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and all the unfortunate victims of police brutality in the United States of America. Creative Direction/Conceptualization by Selena Ferrer and Christina Lee. Film Production by Fracas Live Loud. Intro Music: H.E.R. – I Can’t Breathe. Transition Music: Pongo – Baia

Visual Arts

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Paint With Me: Sunflowers Six

Caroline Karp

carolinekarpartist  | The next in my Paint With Me Series: To Be Real - the 38th layer from my 50 Layers of Being 50 project that I started 2 years ago on my 50th birthday. I'll show you different mixed media processes and techniques that I use throughout the journey creating all the other layers. Here’s the thing, with everything I do, the intention is that it is uplifting for me and the viewer.- Caroline

Sunrises of Miami Beach

Geoffrey Baris

geoffreybaris  | Beautiful sunrises from Miami Beach.  Every morning God creates a beautiful sunrise. I was lucky enough to be there to photograph them.
Geoffrey Baris Photographer

St. Pete SHINE Mural Fest Compilation Pt 1

SoSharpe Productions

sosharpetweet | A compilation of most of the SHINE Murals that are west of 19th St in Downtown St. Pete. I shot, edited, and produced the video but I tried to incorporate any artist info I could find.

Stories & Words

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Typewriter Talks: ep 18

Maureen McDole

keepstpetelit | Episode 18: Nicole Caron – Typewriter Talks with Keep St. Pete Lit is a weekly online series where we interview and showcase literary works by Tampa Bay writers. Nicole Caron's nonfiction has appeared in numerous trade publications, local and regional magazines, and in Brevity.

Friend of a Friend

Babs Reingold & Jason Hackenwerth

Arts In: Premiere |  Each month an artist interviews a friend, a mentor, an inspiration and this month's guest becomes next month's host! In this episode artists, Babs Reingold and Jason Hackenwerth speak about how they met, the hard work behind growing as an artist, successes and failures, and much more.

Typewriter Talks: ep 17

Maureen McDole

keepstpetelit | Episode 17: Sheree L. Greer – Typewriter Talks with Keep St. Pete Lit is a weekly online series where we interview and showcase literary works by Tampa Bay writers.


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Deb Ruby

DebRubySings  | Deb Ruby sings her original song, "Chartreuse" inspired by the color spectrum of life experiences and the vulnerabilities we all share.
Deb Ruby: Vocals/Guitar - Produced by Dylen Terflinger of The Ghost Motel.

 "Love & Bossa Nova"

Daniela Soledade and Nate Najar

natenajar| Daniela Soledade and Nate Najar have been live-streaming "Love & Bossa Nova" concerts every Friday evening since March 20 when social distancing guidelines became effective. Nate's birthday concert was shot at our favorite arts organization in St Petersburg, the great Studio@620.

Alexis Cole & Helios Jazz Orchestra

St. Petersburg Jazz Festival

stpetejazzfest | Singer Alexis Cole is featured with the Helios Jazz Orchestra in the 2019 St. Petersburg Jazz Festival presented by EMIT.  Alexis Cole (singer/pianist), Helios Jazz Orchestra, David Manson (director) & Jim McNeely (videographer).

Performing Arts

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Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Association

Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz/Creative Pinellas

Arts In | Creative Pinellas continues its live stream interview series with the Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Association. We'll be talking to J.J. Pattishall an accomplished guitarist and singer, and president Dwayne White, an education chair, an experienced jazz trumpeter, music educator, composer, and arranger. Tune in to learn about the mission and vision of the Association, the abundance of Jazz musicians in Pinellas County, and the future of live music in a socially distanced world.

Dreams Come True

Robyn Avalon and the Southern Bellies

robynavalonandthesouthernbellies | Recording of the World Premiere Performance Of original song by Robyn Avalon and the Southern Bellies all-female music and dance ensemble!

The Pearl in the Hogwaller

Becca McCoy

beccamccoy.com | The Pearl in the Hogwaller: "Act 2, The New Life" features songs and anecdotes about transitioning from Chicago-based actor to small-town stay at home mom. Becca McCoy, performer, James Weaver, piano, Zachary M. Twitty,Videography. Recorded live February 22, 2020, at Unitarian Universalist Church on Mirror Lake Drive in St. Petersburg, Florida.


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Jabbering with Colleen Schmitt

Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown poses poignant questions to Colleen Schmitt, authentic pianist frequently appearing in Pinellas County.

Arts In: Peter Callender

Peter Callender, the Artistic Director of the African-American Shakespeare Company talks with Barbara St. Clair about the teachers who guided him to a career in the arts and the relevance of A Raisin in the Sun, right now.

Jabbering with Greg Howard

Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown poses poignant questions to Greg Howard as a jazz saxophone player whose hobby was his business!


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More Than Friends (Addicted To Love Part 1)

Cranstan Cumberbatch/DreamMakerz Production

amazncran | What started out as a favor turns out to be way more than Jermaine bargained for. More Than Friends (Addicted to Love) is a Romantic Comedy Series, Written & Directed by Cranstan Cumberbatch.  Jermaine Wells (Cranstan Cumberbatch) has always had feelings for his best friend Jackie (Ashley Summers), who's been there for him through thick & thin and especially throughout his unbalanced relationship with girlfriend Nikea (Felicia Harris). Upon taking some friendly advice Jermaine gives it one last-ditch effort to try and salvage his relationship with Nikea.

More Than Friends (Addicted To Love Part 2)

Cranstan Cumberbatch/DreamMakerz Production

amazncran | Jermaine (Cranstan Cumberbatch) finds himself doing a favor for Jackie (his best friend), that he's not too comfortable with-especially considering the feelings he's always had for her and adding the antics of his other best friend Brad (Bryan Carty), and sexy model and aspiring entrepreneur Sam (Nina Marlena)... the term more than friends takes on a whole new meaning.

More Than Friends (Addicted To Love Part 3)

Cranstan Cumberbatch/DreamMakerz Production

amazncran | Amazncran's Creative Works Inc. & Lavaland Productions presents the 3rd installment in the More Than Friends (Addicted To Love) film series. In this episode, Jermaine discovers outside of Club Manje' that Brad is seeing his ex-girlfriend Nikea, and Jackie shares more of how she feels about her relationship with Jermaine. Meanwhile, Sam has a plan all her own to keep Jermaine's attention. All this and more in this exciting romantic comedy roller coaster.

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