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Hi!  This friendly page is here to walk you through all the steps of the Pinellas CARES Grant for Artist and Arts Businesses. There are 7-8 Steps to the Grant Process, and we will walk you through all of them.

(Please keep in mind that this is the same application that every business in Pinellas County will use to apply for the program, so the language is very generic)

Register & Sign In2020-09-08T10:00:44-04:00

The first thing you’ll do is register.  It is very easy.  Simply click “Register” on the login page and enter your information.

You will land on the application page. Click on “Start a new Application” (bottom right of the page).

Overview Page2020-09-02T15:14:00-04:00

This page describes the grants that are available, and gives some general information about eligibility.

Click “Complete and Continue” once you have read the page.



What the County is looking for here is: Do you fit in the group of businesses that can get cares grant funds?

The good news is that as an artist or arts business YOU DO! But you have to give them enough information so that they can confirm that.

The first thing you need to do is answer a two-part question:

  1. Your General Business Sector
  2. Your Eligible Business Type

Open the drop down menu on general business sector and:

  • Choose “Artists, Performers, Museums and Spectator Sports” if you are an independent artist or arts business (Note the numbers 711-712)
  • Chose “Retail Trade” if you are an art dealer (gallery) or other retail business like a jewelry store or a souvenir shop. (Note the numbers 44 – 45)
  • Chose “Education” if you’re primarily an arts education program (Your number is 611)

Here is what it will look like if you’re an artist or performer:

Then open the drop down in “Eligible Business Type.”  Find your “numbers” and choose the business type that best describes you.  Click on the category and you are there.

The rest of the Eligibility Page is Easy. Answer “Yes” to questions A.1, A.2. and A.3 (As long as those answers are true).

Enter what you earned from the creation, sale, performance or practice of your art.

And check all of the boxes A.4 to A.11 (as long as those answers are true).

Good job!  Hit Complete and Continue and go to the next part of the application.


The application has a built in W9. (You need a W9 in order for the County to give you the grant money). It has exactly the same questions that are on the W9 that you would download from the IRS and fill out.

Please answer all the questions!!!

Make sure that the information you put into the W9 matches your IRS Tax form.

For business type use (B.3.) click on Individual/Sole Proprietor or Single-Member LLC.

For tax payer ID, (B.5.) use Employee Identification Number (EIN) if you have one, or your Social Security Number is fine.

Check the boxes in the certification section, type in your name and click “Complete and Continue.”

General Information2020-09-03T17:52:51-04:00

This section is your basic information.

Answer all the questions.

Click “Arts Micro-grant” on question C.9. Which Grant are you applying for?

This is how this question will look:


Use of Grant2020-09-02T15:52:59-04:00

This section is easy too.  Check the boxes that show how you will use the funds.

Required Documents2020-09-03T17:56:33-04:00

This section is basically asking you for two things:

Some documents to demonstrate that you actually were in business (made money) in 2019 and your 2019 Tax forms.

  • If you have your 2019 tax form, and it shows your arts income (either in a schedule C or if you filed personal income tax, then probably on schedule 1)
  • And you have registered with Florida Sunbiz you are golden

Upload your tax document and a screen shot of your current Sunbiz registration from the Sunbiz site (here).

Click on “Complete and Continue” to the Applicant Certification section (Step 7).

If you don’t have all of your documentation, click on “Complete and Continue” and go to the Applicant Certification anyway!

If everything else in your application makes it look like you are eligible, Creative Pinellas will connect with you (through the County Portal) and invite you to provide some additional information that may allow us to qualify you for a grant.

Application Certification2020-09-03T17:03:31-04:00

Read the agreement.

Sign and date.

Click Complete and Submit.


What Happens Then2020-09-03T17:58:27-04:00

The County will review your application.

If they can make a determination based on your information and documentation, they will let you know if you are (or are not) approved for the Micro-Grant.

If they cannot make a determination, but they think you may qualify, they will pass your application on to us.

We will work with you to fill in any gaps, and will do our best to help you qualify.

Next Steps2020-09-03T17:59:30-04:00


Click here to go to start the process!

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