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We Are One: A Global Film Festival

May 26, 2020 | By Victoria Jorgensen We Are One: A Global Film Festival A Historic Film Event May 29th - June 7th 2020 . . . Film festivals have been the holy grail for filmmakers to network, learn, find distribution and generally refresh while basking in the extreme talent of their industry. Then came 2020, Covid-19 and quarantine rules [...]


Tenea D. Johnson Crafts Blueprints for Better Worlds

May 20, 2020 | By Jake-ann Jones Tenea D. Johnson a Multidisciplinary Artist Crafts Blueprints for Better Worlds . . . The future is now. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi and speculative fiction, study quantum physics or biotech, or worry about the grim predictions of conservationists raising the alarms about mankind’s destruction of the planet, Tenea D. Johnson has [...]


Art, Business and Good Deeds Meet  

May 13, 2020 | By Cindy Stovall Where Art, Business and Good Deeds Meet    . . . Coast Brothers General Manager, Patrick Collins - Mural by the Vitale Bros. Stephen Collins, a Connecticut native, bought Coast Bothers janitorial supply firm a decade ago. It was an established business of several decades that services Central Florida schools, hotels, laundries [...]


Jeremy Gloff Creates Community Online at the Straz

May 7, 2020 | By Stephanie Powers Jeremy Gloff Creates Community Online . . . Jeremy Gloff - photo by Chuck Terzian Tampa Bay musician Jeremy Gloff was one of many local artists whose plans had to pivot when the Covid-19 crisis struck. He was set to film a video for the song “Tampa” from his last album [...]


Financial Literacy for the Artist or, Now is a Horrible Time to Talk about My Finances!

May 7, 2020 | By Jeff Cook Now is a Horrible Time to Talk About My Finances!! One Person’s Take on Financial Literacy for the Artist . . . "money" by decapod73 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 I have been a professional musician for most of my working life and my family, including my mother who has [...]


Sunday’s Virtual Arts Festival

May 6, 2020 | By Laura Kepner We are Family Sunday’s Virtual Festival of the Arts . . .  Florida Bjorkestra Covid-19 has affected us all — not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and financially as well. Pinellas County’s creative community are some of the most vulnerable due to canceled gigs, shows and assignments. But this Sunday, May [...]


Supporting Local Artists Through Healing Movement

May 6, 2020 | By Amanda Sieradzki Community In Conversation New Initiative Supports Local Artists Through Healing Movement  . . .   As the two-month mark of stay-at-home restrictions and social distancing precautions approaches, many people may feel lost and isolated as their bodies and minds reside somewhere inside the seven stages of grief — shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance [...]


Lydia Rubio — Space and Light

May 5, 2020 | By Victoria Jorgensen Lydia Rubio Space and Light Lydia Rubio Interview from Victoria Jorgensen on Vimeo. Filmmaker Victoria Jorgensen talks with visual artist Lydia Rubio about her impressive career and the work that she's creating now in isolation.  A longtime Florida artist whose family moved here from Cuba when she was 14, Rubio is based now [...]


If Nobody Sees an Art Exhibition, Does it Really Exist?

May 5, 2020 | By Tony Wong Palms If Nobody Sees an Art Exhibition, Does it Really Exist? . . . USF Contemporary Art Museum Battin' A Hundred exhibition “If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is around to hears it, does it make any sound?” first appeared in the 1910 book Physics by Charles Riborg [...]


Creative Solutions for Extraordinary Times – 

April 28, 2020 | By Cindy Stovall Creative Solutions for Extraordinary Times –  . . .  They say necessity is the mother of invention. It’s increasingly obvious that the innovation conceived and deployed in response to Covid-19 is nothing short of inspired. And nowhere is that creativity more apparent than in the arts community — which seems to me [...]


Music in an Age of Anxiety — Suggestions for Classical Listening

April 21, 2020 | By Kurt Loft Music in an Age of Anxiety Suggestions for some classic listening . . . The unease we feel right now needs a balm, and many find it in classical music. With this in mind, I reached out to five people and asked them to pick five works – big or small – that [...]


Good Neighbors, Good Memories of Another Pandemic

April 20, 2020 | By Margo Hammond Good Neighbors, Good Memories of Another Pandemic . . . photo by Margo Hammond In my recent feature, "Feeling Isolated? With Books You Can Be Surrounded by People Again (Although Some of Them May Be Zombies)” — I mentioned in passing the story of my grandmother's experience during the Pandemic of [...]


Between Concept and Completion — Steven Kenny Looks at Working Methods

April 20, 2020 | By Steven Kenny Between Concept and Completion . . . Michelangelo - Libyan Sibyl, Sistine Chapel, 1508-12 How do artists move from concept to creation? In the case of visual artists, a physical sketch, or series of sketches, are often required to bring final form to an initial idea. Sometimes an idea is so [...]

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