Myiah Moody

Myiah’s art process is mainly inspired by the many lessons and natural experiences of life. “My goal is to take seemingly intangible ideas and bring them into the tangible. My goal as an artist is to provoke thought surrounding the possibilities of our existence: past, present, and future. I believe a lot of my visions come from the creator Itself & my ancestors. I believe a big part of my purpose as an artist is to express what I’ve learned about life fearlessly and unapologetically. I mainly work with acrylic paint and random objects to tell my stories. Born and raised in the colorful and creative city of St. Petersburg Florida I was always inspired by the huge murals and small shops I would often find in the downtown area. My city helped nurture my passion and I want to help other people find their passion for art as I continue on this journey.” Myiah’s work has shown at Studio@620, The Factory, 22 South, and The Tully Levine Gallery/ArtsXchange.


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