David Plettner-Saunders

Cultural Planning Group, Partner

David is a planner, focusing on variations of cultural planning (arts planning for communities). Each portion of his planning practice informs the other. Citywide cultural planning enriches public art, which enlivens cultural districts, which crosses over to urban planning, and all help grow the creative economy.

His undergraduate degree is in music and has a law degree. He also studied modern dance at the North Carolina School of the Arts. His training in arts consulting began on-the-job, starting with his work at ARTS Inc., the service organization for Los Angeles’ arts community, where he consulted with more than a hundred arts organizations, and then applicants and grantees to the National Endowment for the Arts for six years. He also co-founded and managed a modern dance company In Los Angeles.

He understands (and loves) the role of the consultant—to pay close attention to the needs of the client, give useful advice, and not be driven by ego.

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