Deadline: February 25

The University of Wyoming has issued an RFQ for public artwork for both the interior and exterior of the new Science Initiative Building, an approximately 168,000 square foot, 5-story structure on the northwest corner of the University of Wyoming campus.

The building is scheduled to be completed and occupied in 2021. Exterior art on this part of campus would engage pedestrian traffic and have a high degree of visibility for the public and for faculty, staff, and students.

The committee would like to see artwork that encompasses the theme of education, specifically participatory education and active learning.

Additional themes the committee would like artists to consider are: Wyoming as laboratory, education as a partnership, research as a platform for learning, experiential learning, life sciences from the molecular level to Earth systems biology (multiple scales), examining the various components of life sciences and how they fit together, and data imaging.

All styles, genres, conceptual approaches and mediums will be considered, including digital work (video, audio, sound, light.).

The total project budget available for artwork is $90,000.

Details and an online application are available here.