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Et Cultura | So Much to See, Hear and Learn

A continuously updated blogpost on the five-day multidisciplinary juggernaut.   The scope of downtown St. Petersburg's Et Cultura festival is undeniably admirable. Spanning from today through Sunday, the multidisciplinary event goes [...]

5 Things to Do – Nov. 3-9 | Community Consciousness Edition

Creativity -- the stories we tell through words, images, movement, or song -- is what creates a community. This week, we have a rich bounty of community-centric events, aiming to [...]

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Performing Arts Highlights — Feb. 11-23

The middle of February brings is exactly what you might expect, performance-wise. A couple of love stories — oddball, lusty, and political — as well as community-based explorations of shows [...]

Understated, Daring, Confident, Particular: Charles Parkhill at Leslie Curran Gallery

I like to think I don’t have much sensitivity for sculpture, because I prefer empty space to clutter. So, when I connect with a sculpture show, I feel like it must be really great. Because of my intolerance. That was no fake smile, no fake gasp, the day I walked into Leslie Curran’s white cube gallery that holds the new sculpture show by Florida artist Charles Parkhill.

February 9th, 2018|2018 Archived Post, Visual Arts|

Guest Editor Babs Reingold’s Roots of Inspiration

Multidisciplinary artist Babs Reingold doesn't preach but doesn't shy away from asking big questions about humanity and environmental devastation. Viewing her installations, intricate graphite drawings and provocative paintings of female bodybuilders, we're intrigued and want to learn more about the ideologically eviscerating artist who blurs the  lines between beauty and disgust and asks necessary, open-ended questions.

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