Spark Box Studio’s Artist Residency Program provides living and working space to accommodate both emerging and professional visual, literary and performing artists, and curators.

We want to live in a world where we can get away from our everyday and focus on our own work.

We are so tired of artists not getting the support and time they need to move forward with their artistic careers.

We want you to have a space to rest, experiment and create – and to do it with ease.

So, we’ve created a space that provides artists working in a range of mediums, a place to live and work without distractions. These residencies are all about taking those concepts and dreams and making them into a reality. It’s about your work, your desires and getting your art career on track.

Artists can apply to stay from one weekend to two months.

Spark Box Studio is accepting applications to its Artist Residency Program. Claim your spot today. Some spots are already booked up.

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