Tara Radosevich

Tara Radosevich was born in St. Petersburg, Florida on March 6, 1990. At a young age she held a strong compassion for animals and the American West. Drawing came naturally and she drew the wild animals she craved to be near in the North American wilderness, a far cry from her suburban upbringing. In 2013, she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts, focusing in Painting, at the University of South Florida (Tampa, FL). After graduation, she returned to her hometown determined to further learn more hands on experience. Where upon she met sculptor, Mark Aeling, and painter, Carrie Jadus. She applied for a one-year term position working at their art gallery, Soft Water Studios, and worked as an artist assistant to Carrie Jadus. The skills, business knowledge, and experience she has gained working for both professional artists has only strengthened her confidence in her abilities to continue advancing within the art world.

Currently, she works and resides in St. Petersburg, FL, pursuing her career as a Wildlife, Western, and Equine Artist as well as developing a Pet Portrait business.



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