From From the I-Ching to Cold Wax to Carl Jung and back to Oil again

From From the I-Ching to Cold Wax to Carl Jung and back to Oil again

In 2016 I started experimenting with cold wax medium, using knives, brayers, scrapers, shapers, and stencils, this catapulted me out of my comfort zone. The physicality of the medium enticed me: to pull, scrape, roll, mask and layer to pull back, revealing, concealing, to unearth a path to the subconscious.

For inspiration, I drew upon the 3000 year old I-Ching and Carl Jung. I threw the I-Ching and landed on 4 hexagrams: Fu/the turning Point, Feng/Abundance, Chi’en/ the Creative and Kuai/Resoluteness. I made these four small black and white, cold wax paintings based on the these hexagrams. 

What I learned from this medium, I integrated into oil painting. I have used these images as a springboard for large oil paintings. Changing mediums, for a time, refreshed and invigorated my imagination. Pictured here, Into the Blue 60 X 48 is based on Feng. All 5 of these painting were included in my 24 piece solo exhibition Relative Motion: Focused Observations at the Arts Exchange in the Warehouse Arts District this Feb. and March 2020. It is my humble hope that my audience will respond to these resonances. 


My 2020 solo exhibition- Relative Motion: focused observations

Gallery corner

The Burgeoning, The Beguiling, and State of Flux

Pictured here are some photos from my solo exhibition at the Tully Levine Gallery at the Art Exchange in Feb. and March 2020. There will be more to follow. The exhibition consisted of 24 non- objective oil and cold wax paintings, and drawings. I was interview by Mark Aeling in the gallery talk that followed. I was fortunate to have the exhibition just before the Covid lock down. 

What inspires this work is interaction with the natural world, which ignites both my senses and my intellect. Rhythm, pattern, and repetition color dictate my process and the direction each work will take.  I become inspired through direct observation and by immersing myself in nature. The inherent themes of permanence, impermanence, and transience become the basis of my work.

 Painting makes me pay attention. It entices me into the mystery of nature and the landscape of memory. It is my humble hope that this work resonates with my audiences. 


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