FAQ for 2017 “Impact Returns” Youth Arts Education Program for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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Important Changes – Have there been any changes to allowable expenses since the grant period opened?

Yes – in the 2017 grant guidelines page 4. Grant funds may not be used for: Activities for which academic credit is given.
This is now an Allowable expense.


I’ve uploaded the wrong file but haven’t submitted my application yet. How do I upload the right file?

After uploading your file, the name of the uploaded file will appear. If you need to change that file, click the “Choose File” button again and select the correct file. You may save this by progressing to the next page. You may also check which file was saved by going back the uploads page of the application.


What is the grant period for the “Impact Returns” Grant Programs when projects may occur?

Between May 24 to December 1, 2017, no exceptions.


What types of funding support does Creative Pinellas offer?

At this time Creative Pinellas offers four “Impact Returns” grant programs: For information on these programs please visit our website creativepinellas.org


Note: This FAQ is for The Youth Arts Education Grant Program for Arts & Cultural Organizations


What formats can be uploaded to the application?

Formats permitted for the online application include .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .jpg. jpeg, .mp3, .mp4


What is the total funding available through the Youth Arts Education Grant Program for Arts & Cultural Organizations?

$50,000. is the total funding available. Applicants may request up to $5,000. for their project. Grants are expected to be awarded at full request until funding is depleted.


Do you offer grant assistance outside of Pinellas County for the Impact Returns grants for arts and cultural organizations?

No. Creative Pinellas is not offering this grant to organizations located outside of Pinellas County.


Can grant awards be utilized outside of Pinellas County?

No, grant awards must be expended on projects that are located within Pinellas County. Applicants may, however, request funds to bring artists, consultants, etc. from outside the area to Pinellas County for the express purpose explained in the applicant’s project.


Does my project have to be new, enhancing or expanding my existing program?

No. Projects do not have to be new, enhancing or expanding existing programs. This grant has been updated to focus on general operating expenses for arts education programs. Review the allowable expenses section in the Guidelines for more information.

Projects do not need to be big either; small projects that can make a difference in their community and organization are welcome.


Can my project be open to the general public and/or serve a special population in need?

Yes. The 2017 Guidelines indicate projects must be open the general public and special populations in need, for youth up to 18 years of age.


Does my project have to be outside the scope of my regular arts education programming within the grant period?

No, a project should be a part of an applicant’s regular summer or fall programs or activities.


Is subgranting or regranting of the Rapid Returns arts grants permitted?

No. Subgranting is defined as regranting funds to an individual or organization for activities that are conducted independently of your organization and for the benefit of the subgrantee’s own program objectives. A subgrantee is not directly employed by or affiliated with your organization.

Applicants to the “Impact Returns” program must be the arts and/or cultural organization entity directly responsible for managing, overseeing and implementing ALL administrative aspects of the proposed arts education program, including but not limited to: data collection, reporting, scheduling, program design, production, implementation, contracting for artists/services, etc.


Can my partner organizations also apply for Creative Pinellas funds to support our collaborative work?

A partnering organization may apply for funds to support a joint effort but there can be NO OVERLAPPING PROJECT COSTS between the applications. For example, if you are a dance company, and you are applying to contract with a visiting choreographer and a presenting organization/theater is also applying for a residency/workshop project that includes your company, you must ensure that the costs are kept separate. You cannot include travel costs in your budget if these same costs are also reflected in the presenter’s budget. In short, you should communicate closely with your partners to be sure that you are each clear on the division of costs and activity between the applications.


Will you contact me if my application is missing anything?

No. The online application will not permit an incomplete application, however, it is the responsibility of the applicant to be sure all documents are in compliance with the application guidelines. Example: Form 990 is requested for 2015. Please be certain the file you upload to the online application is the FY2015 Form 990. Any other year will deem your application ineligible.


If my application is determined to be incomplete due to an incorrect document being uploaded, may I add the missing item(s) and resubmit the application?

No. By the time that an application is identified as incomplete, it will likely be two-three weeks after the application deadline. An organization cannot add corrected items and resubmit the application after the application deadline. We encourage you to double check your application package prior to submitting.


Will an applicant have the opportunity to share updated or new information prior to the scoring period?

Yes. Only new or updated information that significantly affects your application (including changes in artists) may be shared at the Panel Review.


How can I demonstrate artistic excellence for my proposed project?

Artistic excellence is evaluated based on the material and work samples submitted with the application. This includes a description of the project including the process and criteria for the selection of artists, or services to ensure artistic excellence; and work samples of selected or proposed artists or services that demonstrate artistic excellence.


Can Creative Pinellas help me with my application?

Members of Creative Pinellas are available to answer specific questions about the application materials and forms. Contact media@creativepinellas.org for Online Technical Assistance. Contact the HelpDesk@creativepinellas.org  for Guidelines and Application assistance.

Creative Pinellas does not review full proposals or provide edits to text or budgets in advance of the application deadline.


Is there a limit to the number of support materials that we can submit?

Yes. You may submit up to 5 support items.


Who reviews and selects grantees?

All applications will be reviewed according to the review criteria of impact, artistic merit and management and financial capability by an advisory panel composed of qualified peer experts, including at least one knowledgeable layperson, representing a wide range of multidisciplinary art and cultural entities.


If my application does not receive funding, can I find out why?

After notification, applicants who have questions may contact the Community Engagement Director. Any applicant whose request has not been recommended may ask for an explanation of the basis for non-funding. In such instances, Creative Pinellas must be contacted no later than 30 days after the official notification.


Can I request panel comments or feedback after my project has been reviewed?

Yes. After notification of whether you’ve received a grant or not, you may contact elizabeth.brincklow@creativepinellas.org to schedule a telephone conversation to receive a summary of panel comments. In such instances, you must contact us no later than 30 days after the official notification.


How is Creative Pinellas funded?

Creative Pinellas is a non-profit organization identified as Pinellas County’s Local Arts Agency (LAA). It is funded in large part by the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners.



Are matching funds required for this grant?

No, there are no matching funds required for this grant.


Are artists’ fees eligible expenses?

Yes, absolutely. Fees for individuals involved in the project are eligible, such as fees for artists or other consultants that elevate and enhance your youth education project. All fees must be incurred during the grant period, May 24 – December 1, 2017.


Does sharing the funding between two partners count as subgranting or regranting?

No. Subgranting is defined as regranting funds to an individual or organization for activities that are conducted independently of your organization and for the benefit of the subgrantee’s own program objectives.


In the Budget Form provided, does the applicant need to enter budget items specific to the project in the section Estimated Expenses Covered By This Grant?

Yes. The applicant knows their project’s expenses best. Fill in each aspect of your project in the blank spaces. Place each item’s associated cost in the right column.


Must an applicant include other income sources in the “Funds to Cover Total Project Cost” for my application to be viable?

Yes, though it is not a requirement for an applicant to identify other grants, donations, in-kind contributions, or earned income such as registration fees, it is advisable to balance the Budget Detail to $0..

During the review process, preference may be given to organizations who do not have alternative means or substantial resources to fund the project.

*Creative Pinellas welcomes submissions from practicing artists for publication in our artists directory. To submit, please fill out the form here. Such publication does not constitute on endorsement by Creative Pinellas and does not imply a judgement about the quality of the work or the participating artist.