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The Next Part

The painting seashells phase of my installation for Creative Pinellas is nearing the end. Soon my living room will be overtaken with painters tape and fishing line, and painted seashells will be everywhere. I can't wait! To cope with with physical challenges of painting so many shells, I've been alternating [...]


Think big

      Think big   Although I’ve frequently shared work-in-progress videos of my painting process, I typically shy away from sharing photos of unfinished work. My preference has always been to show those kind of images only in context with the final piece. Partly because there’s an intended surprise-factor [...]


Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time – Chapter 10: Outdoor Art Shows

Chapter 10: Outdoor Art Shows I recently attended the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts with my Creative Pinellas mentor, Rocky Bridges. Rocky had exhibited in this show for many years. Despite a challenge finding the festival’s new location and parking, it was an excellent high-end show in a lovely new [...]

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