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Math and Art

Math and Art Most people don't think of math and art as being related, but I regularly find myself using math concepts in my art practice. I use proportions, ratios, and even basic algebra all the time and I think I'm a better artist because of it! When I am [...]


Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time – Chapter 7: Reference Material

Chapter 7: Reference Material Back in art school at Mass Art, as part of the illustration program, we were taught about using reference materials when creating realistic images. These could be photographs, photos in books and magazines (as long as they were not reproduced exactly as shown), and live models. [...]



This week has been less productive in terms of producing new work. Some family has been in town from Pennsylvania which has forced a little break from the studio. I currently have eight extrusions that are very slowly drying on my studio shelves. Two of the eight are on the [...]

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