Stretch Grants

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Stretch Grants

To expand successful existing arts and cultural events throughout the county

Nominations and applications open now through December 15.

Contact the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, the Clearwater Arts Alliance or the North Pinellas Cultural Alliance to be considered for nomination.

There are always wonderful arts or cultural events happening somewhere in our 38-mile-long and 15-mile-wide county. Yet because we are so large (280 square miles) some of our 900 thousand plus residents and 5 million visitors are not enjoying the full benefits of all we have to offer because an event is “across the bridge,” or “all the way down south,” or “way up north,” or “across 19.”

The purpose of the Stretch Grant is to bridge that gap by identifying events and activities that lend themselves to expanding beyond their geographic boundaries, and giving residents and visitors alike the opportunity to experience what their neighbors in St. Pete or in Tarpon Springs, Dunedin or Clearwater might already be enjoying.

Stretch Grants are available for programs that are:

  • Open to the public and of interest to residents and visitors
  • Happen over a multiple-day-but-definable time for maximum participation and to make it easy to market
  • Have an existing brand or following and a history of success
  • Can realistically be stretched (brought) to additional participating locations
  • Have an existing organizational structure (501c3, school, etc.) that can accept funds and manage the program

Funds will be distributed based on a proposal and a budget for expanding the program geographically.  Supported expenses can include additional:

  • Staff
  • Marketing
  • Facilities use

The amount of funding will be determined based on the submitted budget, the total amount of grant funding available, and the panelist analysis of the program.

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