Daniel Barojas

Daniel Barojas (a.k.a. R5, Rope5) Born in Mexico City and now living in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Daniel works in various artistic mediums including painting, mixed media illustration, watercolor, graphic/product design, jewelry, photography and murals.
The creative works from the mind of Daniel Barojas seek to cultivate a visual world that is a brew of elements from traditional cultures, ancient mythologies and popular fables mixed with urban influences.

Seeking a balance between the subject, and shapes, patterns or illusions, balanced by a heavy dose of color is Daniel’s method to create a deeper relationship with both the process of creation and the outcome of artistic input.
Daniel’s mission is to spread positivity by means of creativity.

“Creativity is a force that can have a great impact on peoples’ lives.

Through my years exploring artistic endeavors in the visual realm, I have tried to convey creative expressions that positively reach others.

The ultimate goal is finding avenues for using art, design, creativity and visual elements that promote a steady and expansive growth both personal, professional and spiritual.

Manifesting creativity by using subject matters and artistic styles that garner a second look or an introspective moment of depth, movement and reflection for the viewer.”



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