Brandie Dziegiel

Brandie Dziegiel is a printmaker and art educator based out of Clearwater, FL. Before she received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Maine in art education with minors in studio art and art history she was active duty with the United States Coast Guard for four years. Recently, her relief prints were published in Military Experience and the Arts (MEA) bi-annual publication.

Raised as a military brat, art making was one of the few constants in her life. Since an early age, she has utilized art as an essential tool in expressing and understanding her experiences of the various and diverse environments she integrated into. Her primary focus as a visual artist is to develop narratives that address and generate open discussions about difficult topics pertaining to the human experience and memory.

Exploring trauma through printmaking has become her most significant form of advocacy. She uses the relief printing process as a mnemonic device to approach challenging concepts, such as, gender roles, PTSD, trans-generational trauma, and most recently environmental trauma. She aims to create visual forms of social commentary through woodcuts using energetic, instinctive areas of negative space, juxtaposed with symbolic figurative imagery to express a personal narrative with a universal interpretation.



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