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Nancy Cervenka

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Nancy Cervenka, an award-winning Gulfport-based cinematographer, photographer and film sculptor, has repurposed a medium used during her early career to create a compelling new form of sculpture later in life. Cervenka discovered this process of manipulating film as sculpting material while pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts degree in cinematography some three decades ago. “Thousands and thousands of tiny images are brought to life with the aid of a movie projector by pushing light through each image one frame at a time,” she explains in her artist statement. “My forms are created by spiraling the film into tight coils, which upon closer inspection, reveal patterns of overlapping bands of still images; with the aid of a magnifying lens, recognizable and abstract images are discovered.” In a gallery setting, Cervenka projects light both onto and through her works, creating multiple shadows and movement. Meanwhile, Cervenka shares with the viewer a personal interpretation of a nearly extinct medium that once was the focal point of her artistic career.

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