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Marita Contreras

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Having grown up in Lima during a time of terrorism and civil unrest, Marita Contreras found herself deeply affected by grotesque scenes of oppression that played out against a backdrop of Peruvian natural beauty. The ongoing conflict between violence and aesthetics around her began to inform Contreras’ body of work, which consists of chillingly beautiful abstract video and still photography. Injustices awakened in Contreras a deep awareness of corruption, greed and religious hypocrisy — all subjects tackled with provocative finesse via her simultaneously dark and vivid works. The MFA-photography grad of the School of Visual Arts in New York City plays with blurring motion and other shooting techniques to create an ethereal interpretation of familiar imagery. Her Life Cycle series captures the stages of human development with an exceptionally artful eye. Contreras has also expressed her artistic vision through highly kinetic performance art. “Both my perspective and purpose have been impacted by my growing in a Third World country,” she says on her website,

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