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Artist Grantee Posts

The latest blog posts from the Creative Pinellas Grantees



#6 by DESIREÉ MOORE I have collaborated with others since I began making art. The crossovers started in small ways because as a young artist I was very much concerned with control. My first true collaboration was with Brent Aldrich, for our aptly named group DENT. Together [...]


A Closer Look

A Closer Look by KENNY JENSEN Fern roots collected while landscape gardening in the yard of my friend Christopher Eaton, water based aerosol, paper mache, acrylic, found lens, plywood/lumber, LED, foam core, packaging tape, found plexiglass cube, power chords, misc found lamps and lighting fixtures, banana peel. [...]


Why Poetry?

Why Poetry? by GLORIA MUÑOZ Recently, I was interviewed about my creative habits and inspiration on the Why Poems? Podcast. If you have not heard about this podcast yet, please check it out. Why Poems, which was created by poet and educator, Cole Bellamy, centers around why poets write [...]

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