Ari Robinson

Ari Robinson is a collage artist who currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her work is approached by a creative execution driven by process and spontaneity; focused on form, color, and energy. Informed with an intuitive sense of color and space, she then establishes the direction of each piece, layer by layer until the work feels grounded with a sense of fluidity. Color is a very important component in her works as it has the ability to evoke feelings of something transcendent or suggest a transcendent space. She received her B.F.A. in Studio Art from Lindenwood University in 2015. Some of her clients/press include: Georges Dubouef (Quintissential Wines), Nikki Beach Miami, Tampa Bay Times, Packaging of the World, and Hennessy Paradis Imperial.

“Bringing memories and reminiscent feelings of natural forms, fascination of the sea, landscapes, and vibrant color, my work can be seen as both irregular and ordered with a sense of pattern and chaos that exist together. Through my work, I abstractly address the world around us, from the architecture that exists in it to the natural forms, organic processes and colors that can be seen and inspire me. My process begins with a specific color palette in mind, and I begin to start different abstract paintings on paper. Whether it be watercolor, acrylic, or spray paint, in this stage I try to achieve different color combinations, textures, and patterns that I want to have work together in a final composition. Once those are complete I then begin to cut and collage these individual paintings on paper, then adhere to wooden panel and complete each piece with a thick layer of resin. I choose to complete each piece with resin because I believe it gives it a luminescent feeling and creates a sense of dimension within the piece. When people view my work I would like them to feel like they are seeing something vaguely familiar, yet feel like they have just looked into a new little world, a transcendent space reminiscent of the natural world around us.”



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Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Fields

Expanding American Abstraction 1960s to Today

The other week my mentor and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St. Pete to see the Magnetic fields exhibit. “The MFA is proud to present the first American exhibition dedicated exclusively to the formal and historical dialogue of abstraction by women artists of color. This important and beautiful exhibition includes works by twenty-one artists, born between 1891 and 1981. The exhibition is organized by Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri. It was also shown at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. The MFA is the third and final stop for the exhibition.”

The Magnetic Fields exhibition specifically celebrates the contributions of black female artists who work in the field of abstract art. The show explores the connection between 21 artists by bringing their  paintings, sculptures, and prints into a striking visual dialog.

Below are some of my personal photos of my favorite pieces from the show.





Part of the Process

Part of the Process

My collages grow from plain pieces of flat paper to textured, colorful materials that have depth and a different dimension to them than a traditional two dimensional painting. During this transformative process, materials are built up and established layer-by-layer, until the piece feels grounded. In this way the work simultaneously defines and undermines existing architectures and materializing imagined objects, places, and architecture.



The process of my work is something very important to me as an artist. As I work through the several stages and growth of each piece, by subtracting and adding, deliberating equivocacy with representation, and watching the piece transform is a rewarding and challenging process that in the end sometimes means more to me than the finished piece its self, which in this case is more of a personal component of my work and does not necessarily attribute to the concept nor take away from it.


Color is also a very important component of my work.  Color is something that has this ability to evoke feelings of something transcendent or suggest a transcendent space. Although many viewers usually bring their own experiences to bear while viewing my work, I hope that it will bring awareness to the allure of the ocean, nature, and architecture that is associated and found within and out of world.


Mieux Magazine: Creating a Colorful Dreamscape

Mieux Magazine: Creating a Colorful Dreamscape

I was recently very excited to find out that I had been featured on Mieux Magazines website! For those of you that have not heard of Mieux Magazine here is a little more info:

“Le Mieux (Pronounced Mew) is french for “The Best”, which is exactly what we aim to showcase. Or platform is dedicated to promoting the many talents and mediums of all artists in Florida. Here you will find the best art, music, fashion, and more from upcoming artists in our state.”

Below is the write up on my artwork as well as a link to their site!


Ari Robinson of St. Petersburg is harnessing the power of color and light to create her transcendent works of art. She is a collage and installation artist, whose pieces can be uniquely characterized by soft organic shapes that overlap and trail one another in a close relationship that amounts to a dreamy, most colorful composition.

Robinson’s collages are initially dreamlike and immersive. She plays with colors and the relationships they have with each other in such a way that you can feel your mind wandering down a colorful brick road. Each collage is an accumulation of these vibrant shapes, and each has its own moody vibe. Ah, the power of color. “Paradise” is a dreamy piece that feels like a trip into the cotton candy clouds of a fantasy. Shades of pink consume most of the initial visual, but look closer to see it’s truly a whirlwind of colors. Iridescent paper reflects bright teals and light pinks, while organic marbled designs of orange Creamsicle and violet compliment the stand-out shades. The shapes are layered atop one another and meander in the same direction, almost like scales growing on a mermaid’s tail. The piece is coated in luscious, high-gloss resin, which makes it that much more luminescent.

Similar to her collages, Robinson’s installations are characterized by her distinct amoebic shapes and wandering compositions. She uses painted wooden blocks with softly rounded edges to create her abstract installations. In Robinson artistic style, the blocks are layered on different levels to create a multidimensional composition that literally jumps out at you. One of her works, installed in a beach club and restaurant in Miami, looks like a wave of beautiful sea glass whisking across the wall. This piece has an ocean-vibe color scheme, with variances of blues and teals. It’s surreal and so appealing, as is all work created by Robinson’s hand.


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