Our Team

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Our Professional Team

Barbara St. Clair, Executive Director
Elizabeth Brincklow, Director of Engagement
Danny Olda, Digital Content Manager
Mason Gehring, Admin / Marketing Manager

Our Board of Directors

Doreen Moore, President
Leslie Curran, Vice President
Terry Haas, Treasurer

Susan Benjamin, Board Member
Lauren Davenport, Board Member
Susan Latvala, Board Member
Carlen Petersen, Board Member
David Rajaram, Board Member
Ken Rollins, Board Member

Tony Armer, Ex Officio
Commissioner Karen Williams Seel, Ex Officio

*Creative Pinellas welcomes submissions from practicing artists for publication in our artists directory. Such publication does not constitute on endorsement by Creative Pinellas and does not imply a judgement about the quality of the work or the participating artist. For more information or to participate in the directory please visit contact us at info@creativepinellas.org.